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Law Enforcement

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  • This seminar is designed for police chiefs, Sheriffs, police officers, FBI officials, military, detectives, and administrators for increasing awareness about American Muslims and their traditions, and developing relationships with American Muslim communities. Presentations include insight into basic belief structure of Islam, domestic issues that affect American Muslim families, demographics in the U.S., pat downs, searches, booking procedures, discussion of common stereotypes, traditions, and practices in the context of implications for law enforcement.
  • This is an interactive session with questions and answers and opportunity for law enforcement leaders to share their policies and experiences of serving American Muslim communities. Discussion is concluded with strategies for mutual understanding, dialogue, and respect between American Muslim communities and law enforcement.
  • This seminar is in compliance with state and federal educational and training mandates. Benefits include:
  • Improved law enforcement and public relations for police departments
  • Prevention or reduction of hate crimes and harassment through adequate reporting
  • Prevention of discrimination lawsuits and discrimination claims
  • Improving trust and channels of communication
  • This is a 4-hour N.E.M.R.T certified course taught by a N.E.M.R.T certified Instructor.