Cultural Diversity Panels and Seminars 2017-04-25T18:28:15-05:00

Cultural Diversity Panels and Seminars

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Learn about the similarities and diversity of different cultural and faith-based groups through our cultural diversity panels that consist of speakers that are experts and community leaders in their field.

Cultural diversity panels are designed for mostly larger groups and audiences (at least 30 people) for venues such as:

  • Corporate offices- for increasing employee performance, and improving communication and teamwork amongst employees of diverse backgrounds
  • College Seminars- for student learning of different faith-based groups for their course work.
  • Interfaith panels at religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples.
  • Private clubs and events such as Women’s clubs, Fraternities, or civic institutions for training of staff and awareness about constituency
  • UCARE also provides speakers to events that are held by other organizations.